best mouthguard for boxing

there’s nothing more gut-wrenching then getting the call up to spar, to then hear “no sparing without a mouthguard” from your coach. so here at ntalicentre we’ve compiled a list of our picks of the best mouthguard for boxing, to protect your pearly whites. with prioritising their:

– fitting


– comfort and size to protection ratio

-how freely they allow you to speak 

lobloo Slick Professional Dual Density 


the lobloo is one of the thinnest mouthgurds on the market while still offering a high level of protection. the interior moulding material is dental grade allowing a snug soft fit that stays in your mouth, maintains its shape but also due to its small size enables you to speak with less interference then most mouth guards


tho unlike the inner layer, the outer is way more rigid and solid taking the brunt of the force and keeping the shape of the guard through out time


venom challenger mouthguard

the venom challenger mouthguard 

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